Ripple Effect Blog

Please view this Ripple Effect Blog as an important Industry outline of the direction and achievements of the Rainwater Harvesting Industry in Australia

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Are you trying to decide what size tank you need?
Try this online Tankulator Tool by adding the criteria for your rainwater harvesting and reuse requirements and this handy tool will allow you to make the best choice of tank size for your property.
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Sustainability Market Consulting

Water Conservation and renewable resources systems specialist OneWaternaturally is an experienced market participant commencing in 2002 in the water conservation and reuse markets in Australia. Since that time OneWaternaturally has been able to develop business models for sustained growth with an emphasis on the merging interest and linkages between water and energy conservation and integration. Our consultancy services are focused on the market development in a constrained envoironment with particular emphasis on the effects and strategies needed to drive business for growth addressing some of the following trends:-

  • Industry consolidation building the leading players from the smaller players ;
  • Continued focus on vertical integration and moving closer to the customer;
  • End market transition from different markets and how this impacts global operations;
  • Challenges for OEM manufacturers to achieve the scale needed to drive down costs;
  • Development of new, innovative business models to stimulate growth.

The competitive environment in the sustainable industry has changed dramatically and companies have been forced to adjust their operational strategies to ensure long-term success and profitability. Water Conservation systems OneWaternaturally has benchmarked the operational, financial, and growth performance of representative companies across the sustainable resources value chain for the eight to ten years of the market as a Sustainable Growth Index. This Sustainable Growth Index along with observations from leading market segements will provide insight into the adjustments to operations to remain competitive and maintain/improve profitability in the current competitive environment.

Water Smart Innovations - Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

The fifth WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition, Oct. 3-5, 2012, in Las Vegas, is a premier venue to showcase new water-efficiency technology; build and strengthen effective, interdisciplinary relationships; and establish your company as an international leader in innovative water efficiency technology and services.

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Water Industry Supplier - supporting Water & Energy Conservation

With many years experience with Water Conservation systems and Sustainable Environmental solutions leading to Water Sensitive Urban Design, OneWaternaturally can supply cost effective environmental solutions, a wide product range and knowledge which is amongst the best in the industry.

After mother nature our focus is you the customer, driven by our goals for reducing the impact on the environment, for natural water treatment outcomes and for sustainable use of water and at the same time considering energy conservation to support and enjoy our living environment.

Our services are designed to be among the best value and range for professional pump suppliers and storage tanks with our quality, integrated solutions and enduring reputation combining to give our clients and customers a cost effective, engineered performance solution. With a keen eye on the smart use of materials to the many issues of water use, reuse, treatment and recycling, our services can support your projects in benificial ways and for which we would like to engage with you in a supportive client relationship.

Water Savings - reference reports

Sydney Water report on the outcomes of the Basix implementation regarding water savings is contained in Water Monitoring Report 2012

A collaborating report of Novemebr, 2013 continues to confirm the benefit of the water conservation measures resulting from Basix style adjustments to water usage shown at Rous Water Basix Performance Report

OneWaternaturally with water conservation industry participation and as an experienced contractor, the company is now a supplier to OEM's, distributors and resellers in the water supply market.

Our product range includes:

Alternate water sources- recommended uses

Alternative water use

garden and lawn all toilets laundry all hot water pool and spa top-up all house hold uses cooling towers INDIVIDUAL RAINWATER yes yes yes yes yes yes NA COMMON RAINWATER yes yes yes no no no yes STORMWATER TREATED yes * yes * yes * no no no yes * STORMWATER UNTREATED yes no no no no no no GREYWATER TREATED yes * yes * yes * no no no yes GREYWATER UNTREATED yes no no no no no no RETICULATED ALTERNATIVE WATER yes ** yes ** yes ** no no no no PRIVATE DAM yes yes yes no no no NA WATER yes ** yes ** yes ** no no no yes **
  • Check with local council and system manufacturer/designer for accredited uses
  • Check with scheme operator for permitted uses